Elizabeth Delaquess is a broadcasting professional who has worked in public and community radio for over ten years.

Elizabeth began volunteering at Madison’s community radio station WORT when she was 16, answering phones for pledge drives and reading scripts for a daily news show. In college she hosted and produced music shows and dabbled in journalism and engineering at WORT, WUEC in Eau Claire, WI, and WSUM in Madison while working as a radio operations technician and board operator at Wisconsin Public Radio. She co-founded and managed low power radio station WMUU-LP for two years, and worked as an assistant station builder for International Media Action in Boston, Seattle, and Minneapolis.

Elizabeth has a B.A. in English from the University of Wisconsin, two certifications from the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and an amateur radio license. She currently spends part of the year working as the Broadcast Engineer at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.