Dorm Sweet Dorm

Everyone at McMurdo Station lives in dorms. Folks who work during the October-February “main body” season have at least one roommate.

My roommate, Gina, is a carpenter. She is awesome. When we don’t feel like being social, we knit and watch Miyazaki movies.

The last time I lived in a dorm, it was the one semester I went to UW-Eau Claire, when I was an awkward 18-year-old who had never lived away from Madison. Now, I’m an awkward 25-year-old with a full time job and a decent amount of experience living and working abroad, so dorm life feels much less intimidating and all-encompassing. I don’t spend a lot of time there when I’m not sleeping, mainly because it has 24/7 quiet hours (to accommodate night shift workers) and no Internet. Some of the dorms have lounges with Internet and regular social activities, but my dorm, dorm 201, does not.








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