Esotera Australis

Other than my two-week emotional roller coaster, which I have mostly recovered from, life is good.

The sun sets ten minutes earlier and rises ten minutes later every day. In another month, it will be completely dark out. Right now, McMurdo is enjoying the one month or so of the austral autumn where we have “normal” sunrises and sunsets.

I have settled into my job and have formed a core group of people I have lunch and dinner with almost every day. We also have been enjoying lots of campy horror movies and the Canadian TV show Letterkenny, which is one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. When I have an introvert night to myself, I’ve been binge watching Northern Exposure, knitting, and I just started reading The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Garard, which tells the harrowing details of Robert Scott’s explorations in Antarctica from 1910-1913.

I hosted the first episode of Esotera Australis, my *hopefully* all-vinyl show that I will be hosting once a week on Ice Radio. I don’t know if I will ever be able to top hosting an all-vinyl show on a radio station in Antarctica.

I’ve also been teaching myself how to play the banjo, working a few hours a week in the station store, and I just signed up to do peer counseling. I think being in McMurdo in the winter will give me the chance to learn/try things that I would never think to learn or wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn back home, and I’m gonna try to take advantage of those opportunities as much as possible.

Historically, staying busy and learning new things have been great ways for me to fight sadness and depression. Time to put that to use. Again.




4 thoughts on “Esotera Australis

  1. A haka is a Maori war chant. Outside of Maori culture, it is often performed by New Zealand teams before soccer and rugby matches. About three dozen members of the NZDF (NZ army) were working on building upgrades at McMurdo in February and March. At the station-wide meeting earlier this month, we thanked them for their work and they thanked us with a haka!


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