Boredom, then Astronauts

My first week and a half back at McMurdo was slow and quiet. We had just under 600 people on station when I arrived, and a delay kept fresh fruit, my hilarious and wonderful room mate, and my boss in Christchurch six days later than planned.

I’m hopeful (knock on wood) that this will be a quiet season. Same job, same season, and same people mean I can hopefully coast with projects, self-care, and doing new activities without burning myself out like I did last summer. So far I’ve been to one excellent yoga class, helped clear the Ob Hill Loop trail on a volunteer trail crew, climbed Ob Hill once (aiming for a climb at least once a week this season), joined a jazz band, and attended a video conference with two astronauts on the International Space Station. Both astronauts are former Antarcticans who just completed the first all-female, all-Antarctican spacewalk in history.

Just when I was worried this season would be more of the same, we all got to see the inside of the Space Station! Thank you again, Antarctica.


2 thoughts on “Boredom, then Astronauts

  1. I read in the NYT about the two astronauts, but didn’t realize they were Antartican. I didn’t realize one could identify as an Antartican. That word rolls around in the mouth in a very satisfying way. Blue sky, falling leaves, and 46 degrees in Madison WI. Thanks for the blog post! I hope it brings you pleasure to write them, because it sure gives me pleasure to read ‘em.


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