Ordinary Amazing and Special

My first several weeks here were spent in a blur of activity. One friend who’s been to McMurdo describes the town as “summer camp for adults.” I have to agree. When you aren’t working 54 hours a week, there is SO. MUCH. to do here.

Take a walk down “Highway One” in building 155, a large blue building where the galley and many dorms, offices, and recreation areas are located, and you will be greeted by dozens of flyers advertising recreation trips off station, open mic nights, trivia nights, “hard drive and chill” at the coffeehouse, sports leagues, the latest cribbage tournament, the half a doze yoga classes available, meditation group, swing dance, knitting group, Sunday and Wednesday night science lectures, and posters for the various shows on Ice Radio, among others.

As well as getting adjusted and learning my job, I spent a lot of time in mega adventure/tourist mode, constantly rushing from one place to the next in my FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I wanted to do EVERYTHING.

The FOMO was exhausting, and fortunately, it had mostly burned off after my first month. I settled into some semi-regular activities I enjoy, like knitting group, playing in a band, volunteering in the library and craft room, and doing the occasional show on Ice Radio.

Now McMudo just feels like my home, where I live and work. It’s like no life I have ever lived, but I no longer feel overwhelmed and stunned by all the newness and activity. McMurdo Station still feels amazing and special, but it feels like an ordinary amazing and special.

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