Crary Lab

Most of the scientists working at McMurdo work in the Crary Lab. The Crary Lab has offices, facilities and equipment for scientists (with a focus on biology, ecology, geology, oceanography, and climatology), and a library.

Crary Lab has science lectures every Wednesday and semi-regular lab tours. I took a lab tour in late October during my first week here. The lab tours are a great opportunity for the support staff to get a close look at the science activities going on at the station.

My favorite part of the tour was the touch tank, which is a small salt-water talk holding small creatures that are commonly found under the Antarctic sea ice.

In addition to the Crary Lab tours and the Wednesday night science lecture, which geared more towards scientists, there is a Sunday night science lecture in the galley, which is geared towards the general populace. I have only attended a few lectures so far, although I’m hoping to attend more as my schedule allows. My favorite lecture included an advance screening of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, which won’t be widely released for another six months.










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